IC ES3207FP Video Driver VCD/DVD


IC ini terdapat di bagian MPEG Board pada DVD anda.

The ES3207 Video CD/DVD Companion Chip provides an
optimal system design for a Video CD player or a DVD
The ES3207, which is an enhanced version of the pincompatible
ES3205, integrates most of the required
analog discrete components into a simple, cost-effective
solution and interfaces directly to the ES3210 (Video CD)
or ES3308 (DVD). No glue logic or external microcontroller
is required.
The ES3207 features include a high-quality NTSC/PAL
Digital Video Encoder (DVE), echo, echo reverb,
3DSound, surround sound, video and audio DACs, and a
PLL clock synthesizer. There are three 9-bit video DACs
(one for composite video output and two for S-video
outputs) and two 16-bit sigma-delta audio DACs for
interfacing with current sound systems.
The DVE generates composite and S-video analog
signals. Color Space Conversions (CSC) are provided to
match the input data to the required output format, then
the data is filtered to meet the selected video standards. In
addition, the ES3207 is equipped with a remote control
interface for power on/off, microphone ports, auxiliary
ports, and an interface for accessing internal registers.
Figure 1 shows a block diagram of a typical stand-alone
system using the ES3210 Video CD Processor Chip or the
ES3308 MPEG2 Audio/Video Decoder Chip and an
ES3207 Video CD Companion Chip.
• Multi-standard TV encoder:
– CCIR601 non-square operation
– NTSC/PAL formats
– Master video mode
– 8-bit interface for YCrCb (4:2:2) input format
– Simultaneous composite and S-video output
– Interlaced operation
• Audio DACs:
– Two 16-bit sigma-delta DACs
– Accepts I2S format data
– Programmable functions
• 3DSound and surround sound
• Remote control interface for power on/off
• Digitally controlled echo with up to 168 ms delay
• Vocal reverb for theater acoustical effects
• Dual microphone input
• Clock synthesizer (PLL):
– Based on 27 MHz crystal input
– Generates required clocks for video encoder, audio
DAC, echo and surround sound, and video
• Device Serial Communication (DSC) port for command
issued/register access
• Power management
• 100-Pin PQFP
• Single 5 V power supplyDatasheet Lengkap klik link berikut ini :
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