optical-dvd-universal-pvr502w-OPTICAL DVD PVR502W


Aiwa CX-VX77,Akai DVD A-3491 ,
Bimatek D-1245 VKP , Elta DVD1103R,
Hyundai H-HT5106, LG LH-T6446,dll.


  • Tracking error signal detection: DVD: 1-beam method, CD: 3-beam method
  • Astigmatic method used for focus error signal detection.
  • Part Number : PVR-502W ( 23 Pins)
  • Pin connection : 23 Pins 2.6-2.7 CM
  • Notice: This PVR-502W with 23 pins connection,Not 24 pins.The 24 pins connection one is PVR-502W-GV

Jika anda membutuhkan optik dvd dari merk tertentu dan part number tertentu, silahkan kontak CS kami via SMS/whatsapp di No : 085624257039, BB Pin. 759C0C7F/ 76274BE9 ,, Ym:zhillanmujiran, email : orderkomponenelektronika@gmail.com


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